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Bangles design at Glitter collection Jewellers have years of experience Indian Jewellery and fashion jewellery. Glitter Jewellers have a great satisfactory rate with clients who only stick to them when buying Indian Gold Jewellery. Glitter Jewellers has emerged to be a well-recognised 22k gold merchant in Auckland because of their Gold purity, designs and friendly customer service. They have become a large supplier of 22carat Gold jewellery and Indian fashion in New Zealand.

Glitter Collection has opened in 2012 after achieving high success in India. Selling Indian Mangalsutra Designs and other 22 carat gold jewelry.

They import Pure gold from Gold Souq Dubai, Singapore and reliable sources in India. Dubai being the hub for Indian Style Gold Jewellery and Singapore following their strict guidelines are the most trusted sources to buy Gold Managalsutras. They are in the market for 1 decade running a jewellery shop, therefore they know where to buy Gold from and where not to go. 

Gold Jewellery with purity, style and a smile.

Glitter jewellers specialise in selling Mangalsutra. Mangal Sutra being the most revered jewellery of a married girl, therefore its purity and legitimacy is important. Whether you desire traditional or contemporary, simplistic or intricate, we can match gold and jewels that uniquely expresses what is the true you.

Dubai Jewellery designs are considered to be the highest level, and Indian craftsmanship is spectacular. We merge both the qualities and get you the best design and the best value.

We Specialise in 22ct Gold Jewellery

True jewellery modern design is something which can express you and your phase of life. We carefully select designs which match your lifestyle and personality. It is amazing to see how nature and the structures that surround us are manifested into jewellery. Black beads and Gold Beads design especially compliments the phase of married life in Hindu culture. It is an integral part of Hindu married couple which groom ties around the bride. Shop for Mangalsutra online

Shop from a great selection of Gold Bangles online

Mangalsutra is the most auspicious possession of Indian women acquires in her lifetime. It is the sacred thread for every Hindu married women. Women Wearing Mangalsutra and Mangalsutra pendants find their selves lucky, hence Glitter Collection brings you an ocean of mangalsutra to choose from. Wearing a Mangalsutra is honour and pride. Choose the one which reflects your r lifestyle and personality. We also stock matching earings for Mangal sutras.

The Managlasutra designs are lightweight with a contemporary touch of elegance in the wedding jewellery section. Sure to touch your heart at the first sight of every woman.

Working professionals preferring western wardrobe for work can opt for a lighter and minimalistic design without a heavy pendant. Women who love ethnic designs can choose from heavy and multi-chain designs while those adoring flamboyant designs can go for large diamond-studded chains and pendants.

The Sacred Thread Mangalsutra Pendants

We also carry a variety of 22 k gold jewellery studded with diamonds. Browse through the designs online and see in store for all the latest collection of Gold Jewellery. The value for gold jewellery is in the eyes of the beholder. Come and see the exclusive collection of Gold Mangalsutra in Auckland.

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